František Bohuslav
B&S Chladiče

Bynovec 11, 405 02
Czech Republic

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About us

Our firm was established in the year 1990 by Mr. and Mrs. Bohuslav. At first we manufactured cooling parts and all welded heat exchangers compounded from round ribbed tubes and these coolers found utilization in various industry applications such as: trucks, busses, tractors and agriculture machinery heat exchangers.

In the year 2003 we decided to buy brazing lines for production Aluminium heat exchangers using Vacuum technology and another equipment needed for producing parts and testing of heat exchangers. Herewith our firm became full compatible to satisfy of customer needs and requirements. It was necessary to enlarge a production space and that was the reason we bought suitable free productions halls in Velké Březno where is located our main production and currently we have approximately 46 employees.

At present we are able to produce heat exchangers in a few types of constructions such as: plate and bar design, welded tube type, extrusion tube type, MP(multi port)tube type, ribbed tube type and further we are able to produce a lot of parts compounded in a cooler such as: fins, wavy fins, manifolds, chambers, screw-fittings etc.

Our range of products are: oil coolers, radiators, air coolers, heating bodies, fuel coolers, combined coolers (air-oil, etc.) and our products are used in automotive industry especially in trucks, busses, tractors, racing cars, motorbikes, compressors, railway machines etc. All heat exchangers made in Frantisek Bohuslav firm are tested and test marked.

We also deal with small batches and piece production too. We are able to project design by our own design centre and find out suitable construction solution of heat exchanger and satisfy a customer requirement.